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Dr. Billy J. Bell is the senior pastor of New Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.  He serves as the youth minister lecturer in the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education and instructs young ministers in pulpit decorum.  He also lectures inmates dealing with substance abuse at the Mansfield Correction Facility.


In 1986 Dr. Bell organized the Judea Missionary Baptist Church where he served as Pastor for 11 years.  Judea started with six members and grew to well over three hundred members on roll.  Under his leadership the church organized three apartment ministries with the objective of helping youth excel in reading and prepare them for their SAT exams.  At Judea, Dr. Bell led in the adoption of two public schools where volunteers monitored the behavior of students from the apartment and performed counseling sessions.


As a memorial to his mentor, model and motivator, the late Dr. Larry L. Harris, Dr. Bell currently serves as President of the L. L. Harris Bible Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.  From 1995-2001, Dr. Bell served as Director of the Laymen Division for W.H.W. Ministries, Inc.  He is also the former Director General of Area Coordinators of W. H. W. Ministries, Inc. where he served under Dr. R. A. Williams, President.  For more than three years, Dr. Bell was the Moderator at Trinity of Love & Unity District Association in Dallas, Texas.


Pastor Bell is Vice President of V & B Ministries, Inc. where the purpose is to provide leadership and development.  He also serves as Conference Board of Director of the Frank Ray Expository Preaching/Church Growth and is affiliated with the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.  He is the former Vice President of Institutional Missionary Baptist State Convention where Dr. H. J. Johnson is the President.


February of 2009, Pastor Bell organized BBBICC (Billy Bell Biblical Institute College Courses) for College Level Courses. The enrollment started with 15 students.


Pastor Bell is a graduate of Faith Seminary in Tacoma Washington, Pastor Bell holds a Doctorate in Ministry and a Master of Theological Studies.  He received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Saint Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida.


Dr. Bell is a published author of two books, “Steps to Personal Growth” and “Grow Before You Go.” He is the husband of the former Sarah Louise Gray.

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