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Reverend Roger E. Franklin, Sr. is the founder and Executive Director of Action Center USA and its ministries. For almost 30 years Roger Franklin has been helping to transform communities one Zip Code at a time. Having built a very successful church organization of over 3000 members, Roger Franklin walked away from it all to discover the solutions to the challenges that were pulling on his heart and soul, to find a way to help local, and Global churches effectively reach their communities, bringing about true lasting change to challenging Zip Codes. After a prolonged period of searching his heart before the LORD, ACTION CENTER USA outreach and its ministries were born. Roger Franklin’s vision is to bring an end to the destructive work of the Adversary in our inner cities throughout our country, through proactive organized support of local and Global church organizations.

To accomplish this vision, he has established several ACTION CENTER Ministries, C.E.O, ZIP CODE EVANGELISM, URBAN STREET, ACE ACADEMY,  UP AND OUT, PEACEFUL MISSION, FRANKLIN ASSOCIATES, AND PROGRESSIVE STAFFING, All of which, are designed to assist Local and Global Ministries, as well as City Management, Law Enforcement, and School boards. He specializes in pulling cities and churches together, helping them to work together to reach, and develop Youth, Millennials, and families in their Zip Codes. Some of the organizations and ministries that he has assisted in the past are, The Altar World Outreach Center of North Carolina, OKC Police Department, The Potters House Church of Dallas, TX, United Nation-Feeding Program to Tchad Africa, just to name a few.  Roger Franklin is a charismatic speaker, a tremendous teacher, along with having a gift for gathering, and motivating others around a common cause. He is a father of three beautiful children who are the love of his life. His continuing life work and passion is his faith, his family, his friends, and his ministry.

Pastor Franklin has launched a new outreach ministry called the Heart Church in Springfield, Missouri and he is currently engaged.

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